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  • General

    Mrs. Brenda Mass, Teacher
    • Upcoming Events

      Jan. 24 Report Cards Sent Home
      Jan. 27 Return Friday Folders
      Jan. 28 Library Day
      Jan. 30 Sharing (Bb or Ll Item)
      Jan. 30 Conferences 3:30-7:30 (My Class Only)
      Jan. 31 Book Bash Slips Due
      Jan. 31 Hats for Pat Day
      Feb. 4 is the 100th Day of School
      Feb. 10 Conferences 3:30-7:30
      Feb. 14 Treats needed for ice cream sundaes
      • Newsletters/Events


      • Reading and Math Student Books/Activities

      • Daily Class Schedule


        Please note that I strive to follow this schedule, but in Kindergarten many things happen that may make this difficult. Often, a child needs a hug or reassurance and this take priority and throws the schedule off. 



      • Vocabulary Words/Things We Have Learned

         Sight Words We Have Learned

        I, can, the, we, see, a, like, to, and, go, you, do, my, are, he, with, is, little

        Letters/Sounds We Have Learned (Both Upper and Lower Case letters):

        Mm  Aa  Ss  Pp  Tt  Ii  Nn  Cc  Oo  Dd  Hh  Ee  Ff  Rr  Bb  Ll

        Color Words We Have Learned:

        red  blue  yellow  green  orange  purple  pink  brown  black white gray

        Numbers & Number Words We Have Learned:

        0 zero, 1 one, 2 two, 3 three, 4 four, 5 five, 6 six, 7 seven, 8 eight, 9 nine, 10 ten, 11 eleven, 12 twelve, 13 thirteen, 14 fourteen, 15 fifteen, 16 sixteen, 17 seventeen, 18 eighteen, 19 nineteen, 20 twenty

        Counting by 1's to 50

        Counting by 10's to 100

        Other Things We Have Learned:

        Days of the week, Months of the year


        • Vowel Bat Video


        • Zaner Bloser Alphabet Formation


        • Social Studies


          In Kindergarten we use the Quest Skills for Growing Program from Lions Clubs, International. We also use teacher generated Social Studies lessons in conjunction with the McGraw Hill Series to meet the Minnesota State Standards. Some of the skills we learn include: building friendships, building a community, healthy bodies and minds, cultural awareness, making "good" choices, accepting differences in people, historical holidays, and places around the world.

          • Reading/Language Arts


            To meet the Minnesota State Standards in Reading we use the Reading Wonders Series in Kindergarten. In addition, we use the Mortimer Moose Program, which teaches "The Letter of the Week." We also use a large variety of literature. Some of the skills that are taught in reading include: letter recognition, letter sounds for vowels and consonants, beginning and ending sounds, sounding out 3 and 4 letter words, reading sentences, writing sentences, reading stories, writing stories, identifying main idea, setting and characters, in a story. Our goal is to instill a love of reading in our students! 

          • Math


            In Kindergarten we use the McGraw-Hill My Math Curriculum. In addition, we use Mini IPads, the computer and Smart Board and many manipulatives to meet the Minnesota State Standards. We make math time exciting and fun by doing a lot of "hands on" activities that include playing math games. Some of the skills we learn in kindergarten include: comparison, problem solving, sorting, number recognition, more and less than, number writing, position words, patterns, graphing, measurement, telling time, money, geometric figures, addition, and subtraction.

          • Science


            In Kindergarten we use the Foss Science Kits. These kits provide a hands on approach to Science. We also use teacher developed units to teach Science skills. This year I will also be teaching Project Lead The Way (PLTW). It is a hands on program program that incorporates Science, Math, and Technology. The four Modules we will focus on will be: *Structure and Function: Exploring Design *Pushes and Pulls *Structure and Function: Human Body *Animals and Algorithms.