This course contains examples of activities and resources that are helpful in building an elementary Moodle course.

Learning Targets for this course are:

  • I can use Moodle tools for communicating with students and parents

  • I can identify the best tools to display content and organize it in a way that encourages student engagement.

  • I can identify and use Moodle tools and other resources to create interactivity in my Moodle course.

  • I can identify at least one advanced activity and decide how to best utilize it in my Moodle Course.

  • I can use Moodle badges to gamify my Moodle course.

In this course we will look at the Moodle tools that are helpful in secondary courses.

Learning targets for this course are:

  • I can use sections, labels, and folders to organize my course for an effective learning environment for my students.
  • I can use groups and conditional access rules to control the flow of information to my students.
  • I can use the news forum, forum tools, subscription settings, and messaging to communicate with my students
  • I can set-up and maintain a Moodle gradebook for my course.
  • I can use the Moodle backup and restore tools to create emergency backups and restore to earlier points in time. I can reset my course at the beginning of a grading term for new students.
  • I can use gamification strategies to engage students in my Moodle course.

This is a how-to on using YouTube as a video repository for embedding videos in Moodle.